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NYC Blueprint for Housing: What Property Owners Need to Know:

The “NYC’s Blueprint for Housing” was recently released by the Adams administration who is devoting more funding for inspectors to proactively seek and enforce housing code violations. Through proactive inspections and targeted outreach, HPD will no longer wait for 311 complaints, instead, they are going to proactively inspect units for compliance and will aggressively pursue […]

Rent Increases Lead to People Moving in with Roommates

Weber Realty is experiencing massive demand for rental apartments in New York City. Demand was higher in 2021 than in 2020, but at prices that were lower than 2019. After experiencing what seemed to be a market reset in 2021, this year has been a gigantic growth period for the New York real estate market. […]

Key Candidates Influencing Property Owner Interests in 6/28 Primaries Vote:

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) want to double its footprint in the legislature from 6 to 12 members in the 2022 elections pledging expanded rent control (which diminishes property rights). Weber Realty Management recommends the followings candidates that are significant in advancing property rights over the DSA’s socialist agenda in NYC: NY State Assembly […]

Farewell to the Good Cause Eviction Bill?

New York State did not take any action during a recent session regarding the Good Cause eviction bill. The proposed bill would set rent increases at either 3% or 1.5 times the Consumer Price Index. If landlords wanted to raise rents any higher than the set amounts, they would have to present it in court. […]

Mayor Eric Adams Should Push Real Estate to Use Blockchains

In a recent New York Post article, Mayor Eric Adams discussed the importance of implementing blockchain technology for birth certificates and deeds. Since his election, Adams has made it no secret that he wants to push The Big Apple towards Web3 in terms of making digital coins, blockchains and NFT’s a part of “The City […]

Innovation is Key to Property Management in NYC:

Technological upgrades to property management operations will continue to be effective in a post-pandemic world, according to Aaron Weber of Weber Realty Management. The shock of COVID-19 was abrupt but luckily Weber Realty Management had already upgraded to AppFolio, a web based management software. Operating remotely and online payment processing were critical features during the […]

89% of Residents Are Renewing Apartments for May 2022

Weber Realty Management is experiencing a massive demand from those that want to stay in their apartments for another year. 89% of the leases that expired in May 2022 have been renewed for another year. In the Chelsea/West Village neighborhood, the average rent of those market-rate apartments being renewed before the May 31 deadline was […]

Property Managers and Commercial Tenants Work Together to Bring Neighborhoods Back:

Corporate office usage in NYC remains among the lowest in the United States. According to Kastle Systems, as of March 31 2022, NYC office occupancy was only 36.9% as companies are continuing to operate remotely. Concern about public safety, especially in the transit system, is the single biggest obstacle to mobilizing the return to work […]

Local Law 152 Gas Inspections: Costs, Concerns, and Challenges:

Local Law 152 compliance is a major concern for pre-war building owners in NYC. Failure to file an Inspection Certification will result in a civil penalty of $10,000. Since Local Law 152 went into enforcement in 2020, Weber Realty Management successfully passed 7/7 inspections. These inspections took place in buildings constructed between 1880 to 1929. […]

Rent Guidelines Board Must Establish Commensurate Rent Increases:

PRESS RELEASE April 19, 2022 Rent Guidelines Board Must Establish Commensurate Rent Increases: The Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) has been suppressing regulated rent increases at historically low levels. Over the last 8 years, property owners in NYC only received a total of 6.25% in rent increases for stabilized one-year leases: 2014 – 1% 2015 – […]

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