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Innovation is Key to Property Management in NYC:

Technological upgrades to property management operations will continue to be effective in a post-pandemic world, according to Aaron Weber of Weber Realty Management.

The shock of COVID-19 was abrupt but luckily Weber Realty Management had already upgraded to AppFolio, a web based management software. Operating remotely and online payment processing were critical features during the pandemic to preserve cash flow and enhance tenant satisfaction. Weber Realty found that delivering value virtually is now paying sustained dividends in the form of elevated efficiencies and customer service.

Since the United States Postal Service had become unreliable during the pandemic, Weber Realty Management made a big push towards making digital payments to all vendors. Tenants were also encouraged to pay monthly charges online. This improved operating efficiency where ledgers are automatically updated and users can view financial data in real time.

Across 400 residential units in NYC, Weber Realty’s online portal adoption is 74% and 67% of units pay online.

“Everything is consolidated in our online portal. It is an easy, fast, and secure way to pay rent and other charges online, view payment history, and submit maintenance requests,” said Aaron Weber.

Maintenance/repair requests were digitized to automate the flow of communication and improve turnaround time and transparency. Tenants first submit support requests from any device to easily include images and other details. A repairman is assigned and the tenant is enrolled in status updates. The property manager can then start posting invoices to the workflow. When the job is complete, the tenants mark the job as done and all correspondence is saved in the cloud for record keeping.

Many property managers also set aside time to meet with tenants to sign leases in-person. But people today prefer online rental leases using electronic signatures with online payment capabilities. Weber Realty utilizes online leasing/applications and has customized, branded lease/renewals where people can easily e-sign on the spot on any device.

With smart management software, Weber Realty drives data driven decisions which put clients ahead of the game when the need for comprehensive information and communication is crucial. Actionable information, transparency, speed and convenience are the goals.

Weber Realty’s approach is to finesse the appropriate balance of technology and face-to-face service, remembering the range of renters and the many touch points along the customer journey.

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