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Management Portfolio & Unit Mix

management portfolio and unit mix graph graph showing unit mix
Maintenance & Operational Efficiency
  • Tenant Relations
    • 24 hour customer care
    • Rent/Maintenance Collection
    • Coordinate maintenance requests from tenants
    • Organize general maintenance and labor
  • Maintenance Contracts
    • Maintenance staff performance reviews and education
    • Volume discounts on general supplies and hardware
    • Elevator and boiler efficiency testing and inspection
    • Expedite job completion times
  • Lower Utility Rates
    • Save up to 13% on electricity and gas – Energy aggregation purchase program.
  • Contract Optimization
    • Competitive Insurance Pricing/Terms
    • Superior Rates on Banking Service
    • Discount Tax Certiorari Services
Seamless Online Maintenance Tracking
client enrollment process
  • Tenants submit support requests from any device to easily include images.
  • Payment and bill automatically posted to ledger
  • Manage inventory and post inspections
Management Software
  • Tenant Portal
    • Secure – Online payments are more secure than mailing a check.
    • Convenient – Easily view your balance, and make payments online using your preferred method.
    • Effortless – Set up automatic payments and never worry about paying late fees.
    • Fast – Quickly file and track maintenance requests directly through the Online Portal.
    • Up to date – Keep your contact information and insurance details current with your property manager.
  • Owner Portal
    • Easily access financial information/collections in real time from any device
    • Save all records online in the cloud
    • Submit / Check On a Maintenance Request
    • Association Board Approvals
Project Management
  • Purchasing Oversight
  • Cost-Savings Analysis
  • Frequent Check-Ins
Compliance and Filings
  • Violation resolution and certification
  • Reduced fees on dues and Local Law commissioning services
  • Property registration, permit renewals
Legal Action
  • Engage tenants while maintaining all compliance standards to manage eviction cases.
  • Favorable terms from Attorney services
Leasing & Marketing
  • Superior rates with brokerage to procure tenants for rentals.
  • Online lease and renewal process
  • Minimize time between move in/outs
  • Marketing signage, newspapers posts
  • Online features – Search engine optimization
Cost Savings on Contracts
  • Competitive Insurance Pricing/Terms
  • Superior Rates on Banking Service
  • Discount Tax Certiorari Services
  • Workers Comp discounts and Dividends


Operating Budget
  • Operating Budget Model forecasts income/costs with a 30+ year outlook. Automatically factor in rate increases/reductions and amortize debt over time. Create various capital structures to insightfully forecast performance.
  • Yearly comparisons and data analysis
  • Track an asset’s success and viability.
  • Prepare and present the annual operating budget to landlords before the year starts.
Monthly Financial Report
  • Owner’s Portal – Customize Reporting Parameters:
  • Balance Sheet
  • Monthly income and expense statement
  • Cash Flow
  • Accounts Payable report
  • Charge detail
  • Expense Distribution
  • Tenant receivables and prepaid report
  • Copy of monthly bank statements with bank reconciliations
Insure and Allocate Reserves
  • Distinguish and account for capital reserves, revenue reserves, and replacement reserves.
  • Reserves 70 percent funded or more.
  • Reserve rate calculations based on historical data analytics and all projected expenses related to major repairs and replacements expected in the future.
  • Banking and Insurance Partners leverage financial products to help build capital.
Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
  • Receivables are direct to bank, or via remote systems
  • Automatically send past due invoices for missed rent to tenants
  • Manage timing differences between collections and accruals
  • Inform vendors of any changes required in their invoice submission
  • Month-end close for accounts payable. Checks trials and runs finals of the outstanding checks.
  • Upload appropriate documents into AppFolio (service tickets/contracts/other)
Assumed Increases for Costs, Payroll, etc
  • Changes in Operating Expense Growth Rate Calculated by Weighing:
    • Historical property data and trends
    • Inflation & price indexes tracking overall real estate operating costs
    • Expected gradual increases to dues, subscriptions and taxes
  • Forecast tax and insurance premiums
  • Annual Increases Associated with Payroll:
    • Employer portion of Social Security tax
    • Employer portion of Medicare tax
    • State unemployment tax
    • Federal unemployment tax
    • Worker compensation insurance
    • Employer portion of insurance (health, dental, vision, life, disability)
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